The authenticity and spice of the West and East combined in a bottle of perfume.



Arabesque was founded in 1947 by the elite perfumer John Marcos in Ghrasse, south of France. Under the name of “Markos fragrance", which in 2016 became ARABESQUE perfumes in Paris, France. Later on, it was introduced to the Middle East starting from Qatar to suit the beauty lovers.

What We Offer

What We Offer


Excellent selections for the beauty lovers.

Gift Sets

We have a wide variety of great gift sets for any occasion.

Oud Collection

Collection of Oud made especially to suit you on all your occasions.

An invisible part of your personal style. The fragrance for the elite and beauty lovers.

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فرع السد - أمام البوابة الخلفية للرويال بلازا

فرع فستفال سيتي - أمام مدخل السينما

فرع وذنان مول - أمام مسكر هايبر ماركت

فرع سوق واقف - سوق العطور العربية